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Recruiting all levels, all classes, all genders haha. We are a leveling/MvP guild so we are gonna have leveling parties going on for the lower levels. Gotta get everyone nice and fit for MvP hunting. Remember be active and friendly. The more active and friendly you are, the more fun it'll be ;P.
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What's up everybody?!

    This is your boy Azure speaking, inviting you in to our home at Lotus! We are a leveling guild, going full fledged into action during renewal. -=Lotus=- is a layed back guild, good for getting to know people and for some high risk action! We are not a WoE guild, but we are building a Team! We focus on the complete annihilation of MvPs so feel free to join us. For an invitation to the guild leave your information here, pm Illustrious Fox, SinisterBunny, or [A]zure~Skye, and sign up for the website ;D. Feel free to start a discussion or a thread . Throw an item or a MvP on the wishlist, and we can kick some ass. Post or look at pictures in the gallery as well. There's plenty to do When your With -=Lotus=- We are working on getting a steady Ventrilo server up for voice communication so no worries. Let's do it up! Don't forget to join the forum in the Control Panel under the menu bar! 

-- Azure/Cash

(p.s. feel free to add me on facebook. my email is wattscarl@ymail.com ;D)
(or Cash at cashems@gmail.com)
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Let's do it

LotusAdminAz, Mar 8, 12 2:29 PM.
Awright everybody! We're really starting to come together, I know most of us are pre-trans but once we all get up in level we can really start doing guildwide things like ET and MVPing heheh. For now let's try to get some guild parties going so we can all have fun! We're gonna start having guild events like Hide-and-Seek for prizes and whatnot see be ready and stay active! :D


Guild Emblem Vote!!!!!!

youngcash, Feb 27, 12 6:54 PM.
Welcome -=Lotus=- Members, we are currently trying to find the symbol for -=Lotus=-. Some things to question would be guild relativity, design, style and impact! With these factors in-mind, what symbol do you, the guild members, think should be our symbol? Choose by replying to the news thread and choose your emblem! Choose by typing the correct emblem assigned number. [Pink Coloring in-game is shown as TRANSPARENT! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Let the Vote Begin!

Official -=Lotus=- Guild Site!

LotusAdminAz, Oct 14, 10 2:44 AM.
Alright everybody, we are finally getting on the right track! Welcome to the official -=Lotus=- Guild Site! This is where you can upload pics, post discussions, equipment/item wishlists, MvP hunting wishlists, etc. So don't be afraid to post!

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